2022 Teams


Men's Team List 2022January 13th - 16th
Rector Ryan Waltner
1st Asst Rector Nick Magelee
2nd Asst Rector Jarret Valen
Past Rector Joe Simington
Palanca Rector Justin Spieker
Asst Palanca RectorMarcus Brock
Spiritual Rector Kyle Fever
Asst Spiritual/Palanca RectorScott Meier 
Kitchen Rector Paul Behrens
Ideals Bob Grahm
The Layperson as the Church in the World Terry Stevens
Grace Too Pastor Perry Aallgaard
Piety Tom James
Study Dan Antoine
Means of Grace (Possibly Alfredo) 
Apostolic Action Todd Nicholson
Obstacles to Grace Pastor Scott Meier
LeadersTom Kellen 
The Study and Evangelization of the Environment Larry Lubinus
Life in Grace Pastor Kyle Fever
Christian Community within Our Environments Danny Dekker
JOG Jason Holt
Groups & Ultreya / Fourth Day Ryan Waltner
Women's Team List 2020January 20th - 23th
Rector Dee Vaage
Assistant Rector Heather Magelee
Assistant Rector Courtney Schwartz
Past Rector Andrea Crew
Palanca Rector Francel Graham
Assistant Palanca Rector Sara Brock
Palanca Spiritual DirectorLana Williams
Spiritual Director/Obstacles to Grace/Life in GracePastor Deb Mechler 
Assistant Spiritual Director/Grace in Action (Grace Too) Pastor Donna Gray
Assistant Spiritual Director/Means of Grace Pastor Beth Preston
Assistant Spiritual Director/Grace Pastor Tonna Parsons
Ideals Jody Vulk
Laity Marcia Cheevers
Piety Lizz Dekker
Study Colleen Steen
Apostolic Action Phylis Anderson
Leaders Laurie Simington
Environment Shelly Robison
Christian Community Sarah Weeks
Auxiliary Theone Quattlebaum
Kitchen Leader